Microsoft Edge is the browser specially created for the users working with Windows 10. It has introduced Cortana, as a personal digital assistant for the users. It has overtaken the Internet Explorer, the traditional internet browser, introduced by the Microsoft itself, which had been a part of the Windows operating systems for the last two decades.

Currently, Microsoft does not have any plans to bring the Edge to any of the previous versions of Windows, or any other Non-Window operating system. However, Internet Explorer still comes as an inbuilt Internet Browser to ensure smooth communication compatibility, particularly within the enterprise. We can say that Edge is more beneficial than the previous third-party web browsers as it comes pre-installed, as an own part of the operating system, and hence can be used directly out of the box, completely eliminating any need for downloading or installing it.

Once you launch the Edge on your system, it will show you the content that is specially tailored according to your own interests be its news headlines, weather reports, or any other reports it thinks you may have interest in, based on your personal browsing history. One of the features that make it different from the other browsers is its ability that gives you the access to write directly on the browser’s window like creating annotations, highlighting desired parts of the text and more. Initially, users had doubts as it’s an all-new browser but let us tell you that it has beaten even chrome and Firefox, one of the leading web browsers, in most of the benchmarks conducted to test its performance and have proven that it can go with even the biggest of businesses.

Once you make your debut with this wonderful and all-new web browser, you will experience extended battery life even when the device is unplugged, get your search results more quickly that too with a highly secure system. Sounds great! Isn’t it?

Though Microsoft Edge was specially designed to completely replace the traditional IE but has left the users to tackle this all-new interface leading to some issues they might face especially if they are new to this browser. Here we have listed some of the most common issues with edge that the users might face along with their possible solutions that too in a simplified user-friendly manner. Have a look:

Edge runs slowly, or unable to load the pages:

  • If you are a beginner, close all the tabs and try restarting your browser
  • You may also click “…” for more options and choosing an InPrivate browsing window
  • If the issue persists, click on more options “…” again and then go to the settings. Select choose what to clear under the clear browser data. It will delete all your cached data (including the history only if needed)
  • Restart Edge

You can also check for any updates:

  • In windows, search for Windows Update and click on the same.
  • Check for updates in the Updates Window. If Windows find any updates, they will get downloaded and installed automatically.

Edge cannot connect to the internet or establishing very poor internet connection:

  • Check if your device is connected to the local network connection or not. You can do it by checking if there is any red “X” located just next to your system clock. This mark indicates that the system is not connected to the network. If it is present there, you need to check the functioning of your modem or router.
  • Poor signal strength may also cause such issues. To enhance the strength of your signals, try moving closer to the area that serves as the central part of your local connection.
  • If you have updated to Windows 10 with unsupported VPN software, you might need to update your software. You can do the same from Microsoft’s official website or may contact their customer service to get help with troubleshooting from their professionals.

Passwords not working in Edge:

  • If you are trying to log into the sites that require passwords for user authentication, and are facing issues doing the same, the problems could be with your system’s cookies or cache. To get over it, click on “…” and then choose settings and then choose what to clear under the clear browsing data. This will clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Reload the Edge.
  • If you have recently added any application or programs, it’s a probability that they can be causing the issue. In such a scenario, search and run Windows App Troubleshooter or try uninstalling the recently added apps.

Getting help with Microsoft Edge technical support:

If you are not technically savvy and want professional help to in troubleshooting the issues with Edge, you may contact the technical support staff of Microsoft using their customer support helpline that remains active 24*7 to resolve the customers’ issues. If you don’t want to talk over a call, you can chat anytime with Microsoft team to get professional help through the live chat. Also, you can ask questions or browse the existing ones from the forum posts to get the answers to your questions. You can also use Microsoft’s official Twitter handle to get your answers on social media. If you want your queries to be answered over email, you can simply drop an email to their support team and you will get appropriate help on whatever issue you are facing with this browser.


  1. What is new in Edge?
  2. Comes with Cortana, which serves as your digital assistant and is always ready to provide answers to your questions and complete basic tasks assigned by you.
  3. Enable private browsing.
  4. Automatic form filling
  5. Faster and secured browsing
  6. Inking tool allows users to write or draw on the web pages.
  7. Is it compatible with Android or iOS?

Yes, it is completely compatible with your Android or iOS device. All you need to do is to get the Microsoft Edge App in your device.

  • PDF file not getting opened up:

On the webpage, click on “…” icon on the top right corner and select Open with Internet Explorer and follow the on-screen instructions to open the PDF file.

  • Flash Payer is not working on Edge or unable to play videos on Edge:

In the menu, select the “…” button, go to the settings and then click on Advanced Settings. Make sure the Use Adobe Flash Player is switched ON and then refresh the web page. You can find this on the top of the panel.

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